Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips: Catch A Fall Giant

As summer transitions into fall, many anglers hang up their fishing gear, for a deer stand. However, for dedicated fishermen fall offers an excellent opportunity to hook into some of the biggest bass of the year. The cooling waters and changing conditions can turn these predators into feeding machines. If you’re looking to make the most of the fall transition, here are some essential tips to help you reel in that trophy catch.

Follow the Temperature Changes:
Largemouth bass are cold-blooded creatures, which means their activity levels are directly influenced by water temperature. As fall progresses, pay close attention to the water temperature. When it starts to dip into the 60s and 50s, the bass become more active as they prepare for the colder months. Focus your efforts in areas where the water is warmer, such as shallow flats or sunny shorelines.

Key in on Baitfish Movements:
Fall is a time of plenty for baitfish like shad and minnows, and bass are keenly aware of this. Look for schools of baitfish and focus your fishing efforts around these areas. Bass will often stage nearby, waiting for an easy meal. Topwater lures, jerkbaits, and blade style baits that mimic the size and color of the local baitfish are excellent choices during this season.

Locate the Weeds and Cover:
As the water temperature drops, aquatic vegetation starts to recede. However, some submerged weeds and cover will remain throughout the fall. These spots can be bass magnets, providing both shelter and ambush points. Try using jigs, Texas-rigged soft plastics, or swimbaits to probe these areas effectively.

Experiment with Different Depths:
Largemouth bass can be found at various depths during the fall. They might be shallow early in the morning and then move to deeper water as the day progresses. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different depths and lure presentations until you find where the bass are actively feeding on a particular day.

Pay Attention to Wind and Weather:
Fall weather can be unpredictable, with fronts moving in and out frequently. Bass tend to be more active before and after a front passes, so try to plan your fishing trips accordingly. Wind can also be your ally as it can push baitfish into windblown shorelines, making it easier for bass to ambush their prey.

Fall largemouth bass fishing can be incredibly rewarding for those willing to adapt to changing conditions. As the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, remember to keep an eye on water temperatures, baitfish movements, and weather patterns. With the right approach and a bit of patience, you might just land that trophy largemouth bass you’ve been dreaming of all season. So, grab your gear and get out on the water to enjoy some fantastic fall bass fishing action!

Go to baits for the fall:

We asked 4 top touring pros what their go to bait choice was for the fall transition

Spencer Shuffield – Yo Zuri Pencil Spencer’s choiceis the 3DRX Pencil “because it’s smaller like the bait fish this time of year and it does a great job of drawing groups of fish up!

Yo-Zuri’s 3DR-X Pencil features internationally patented 3D internal prism scale finishes that sends off light in all directions. The pencil is a compact (3″, 1/4oz) walking bait that even entry level anglers can fish. It features a single knock cadence rattle and black nickel hooks. Available in 8 colors See the full Yo Zuri line up here,

Stephen Browning – Zman Chatter Bait: Stephen’s bait of choice is the Z man Chatter Bait, “the reason is simple I can cover so much faster”. Try lighter colors to match the bait fish and hold on!

Stephen’s fall go to is a 3/8 oz Chatterbait teamed with the . See the full Z Nam line up here.

Cody Meyer – Evergreen Showeblows 105: Cody’s bait of choice is the Shower Blows because during the fall fish always school up and feed before winter. “A topwater is a great bait to cover and catch bigger fish. The Evergreen Showerblows casts great and has amazing action”.

The SB-105 was developed by Morizo Shimizu out of a desire to apply the overwhelming fish-luring talent of the original SB-125 — known as the big bass killer — to an expanded bass-fishing community. The ability to search the water surface and castability, top-of-the-class luring and casting distance capacity were all left untouched. But we went on an exhaustive quest for the right body size to attract even more bites. Rotating between the original SB-125 and the SB-105, the angler has at his disposal a strategic game plan that can adapt to a variety of circumstances. See the full EVERGREEN lineup here.

Fred Roumbanis – Lil Stik Fred chose this bait for many reasons “I’m always chasing schooling fish this time of year. Nothing casts further than the IMA little Stik. The walking spitting action really triggers those fish to bite. Color choices are on spot”!

The Little Stik 135 measures 5.5 inches long and weighs 1 oz. Like its bigger brother, The Big Stik, the Litte Stik is a high-tech lunker-killer that walks, pops, spits and catches just about anything that swims.

It’s rear weighted, making it easier to cast and enabling it to sit in a position that as soon as you start your retrieve, it starts to walk and throw water up to 2 feet in front of the lure. It’s deadly for fresh and saltwater species. See the full IMA line up here.

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