A Hybrid Topwater You've Gotta Try!!

3DB Wake Prop - Designed to produce enticing topwater waking action with each turn of the reel handle, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Wake Prop 105mm is a big-bodied single-jointed hard bait that blends the action of a wakebait and topwater prop bait. Built with a durable vertical bill and oversized UV prop to create a wealth of commotion, the 3DB Series Wake Prop creates a seductive wobbling and rolling action as it moves across the surface to trigger explosive top water strikes from opportunistic bass.

Offering all of the quality rich features we have come to expect from the 3DB family of baits, each Wake Prop is equipped with ultra-realistic 3D eyes and Yo-Zuri’s patented internal painted gills, fins, scales, and 3D prism finishes. Ideal for steady methodical retrieves with intermittent pauses, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Wake Prop is available in proven color patterns and armed with three sticky-sharp black nickel round bend treble hooks to ensure your success with short-striking fish.

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