Drew Gill Gets A Toyota Bonus

It’s probably no coincidence that one of the most talented young pro bass anglers in the world right now was born with the last name Gill. Like a lot of bass fishing’s greatest anglers, Drew Gill just seems to have a natural intuition for making great decisions with perfect timing.


So, it’s probably not a chance happening the transmission totally failed in his older GMC truck the same week he acquired a brand-new Toyota Tundra.


Not only did his recent purchase of a Tundra a few weeks prior to the start of the 2024 season gain him a highly reliable tow vehicle, it also paid him a sizeable Toyota Bonus Bucks contingency check at his first-ever Bass Pro Tour event on Toledo Bend.

“A Bonus Bucks check is a pretty cool consolation prize for a third-place finish, but more importantly is knowing I’m now driving such a super reliable truck, with not only great towing power, but also a really incredible number of interior features too,” says an excited Gill.


He said his decision to buy a Tundra was not only based on Toyota’s unparalleled support of bass fishing, but also because he grew up in the shadows of their Princeton, Indiana manufacturing facility where Toyota’s reputation for quality is a celebrated part of the area’s culture.


Proof again of Gill’s mature-beyond-his-years decision making, much like knowing where to find four bass over 6-pounds en route to a third place finish in his very first Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour event, and what will probably be the first of many Toyota Bonus Bucks checks he cashes in the years ahead.


Your last name doesn’t have be Gill to cash in. Make sure you too are eligible for Toyota Bonus Bucks by visiting https://www.toyotatrucksbonusbucks.com/.

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