Top 3 | Wheeler Lake Bassmaster Elite

Winner Cliff Prince

The Wheeler Lake Bassmaster Elite was a good one, lot's of big bass crossed the scales. Here is look at how the top three caught them!

Prince weighed in 20 bass weighing 80-15, one bait and one spot accounted for most of his weight. Price fished a hard spot in the grass a slow presentation was key,

Winning gear:

Evergreen Jackhammer (white/chartreuse)

Bass Assassin Little Boss Trailer (snow storm) 

Fitzgerald 7'3" baitscast rod (medium)

Shimano Reel (7:3) 

Seagaur Tatsu (17 lb)


#2 Ray Hanselman Jr

Finishing second Hanselman made things interesting in a tournament that was Princes to loose. Hanselman weighed in in 23-5 on Championship Sunday for a 20 bass total of 77lbs.

Targeting a shellbar and isolated stumps with a squaredbill and a big worm did most of the damage.

6th Sense Crush 50X (proto type)

6th Sense Flock Hair Jig

6th Sense Boosa Ribbon Tail (3/8 texas rig)


#3 John Cox

70-8 finished up in 3rd with 20 bass weighing 70-8 all caught on the Berkley Swamp Lord frog. Cox had to fish painfully slow fishing the same grass mat and  making thousands of cast.

Swamp Lord (shad)

Zeno  (reel)

Fenwick 7'8'  (medium heavy fast) 

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