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Gainesville, GA (April 1, 2024) – The newly formed Touring Anglers Association (TAA) is hosting theirinaugural tournament this week on the storied Lake Lanier. TAA is focused on a limited technology,high-stakes event, with low overhead and 100% payback, similar to the local “derbies” many fans of fifishing are longing for. The entry fee is $5,000 and the competition will be stoutwith many Bassmaster
and Major League Fishing touring pros, going head-to-head for a six-figure payday.

More details can be
found at:

The event kicks off with a boat and equipment check, that includes no pre-loaded or stored waypoints no forward-facing sonar, and no 360-degree sonar. Anglers will get a four-hour ride around Lake Lanier on Monday, April 1 from 1 to 5 pm. During that time, anglers may create their own waypoints, but they cannot do ANY fishing during this “practice” period. Competitors will hit the water Tuesday morning, fishing with limited knowledge and the goal of seeing who can quickly unlock the secrets to Lake Lanier, based on an instinctual approach that many fans are
longing to see return. The full field will fish both days, with a cut to the Top 12 on the final day. Thos who make the final day will have an observer, which can include an eliminated competitor, in the boat with them throughout the final day.
Despite TAA not having their own onsite media coverage, Ricky Bodsford of Bass365, has collaborate with key industry media partners to make sure fans can see this historic event. According to Bodsford, “At Bass365 we pride ourselves at making nearly every blast off and weigh-in in professional bass fishing every year. I personally wanted to be on hand to potentially see history in the making, and with a few key industry partnerships, we can stream the weigh-in and reach hundreds of
thousands of bass fishing fans.”

Bass365 has called on,, and well as the Fish North Georgia Facebook Groups to assist in broadcasting the live stream of the daily weigh-ins to over 180,000 possible viewers. Each Facebook page will be hosting the stream on all three days of competition. Collectively across all social platforms, this group has the ability to reach over a quarter of a million fans of fishing for this inaugural event.

Fish North Georgia:

Fans can tune in by following any, or all, of the above platforms on Facebook. They should expect to see some of the biggest names in bass fishing competing in a way that the weekend anglers can identify with. Anglers are expected to take off each morning and 7 am EST and they are due to check in at 3 pm
EST, with the weigh-in and live stream to follow.

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