The Art Of Finesse

Professionals call it lockjaw, and when bass seemingly stop feeding, experienced anglers look to finesse tactics and lures. One widely embraced presentation is the shakey head. Typically, this involves a lightweight jighead paired with a buoyant soft-plastic worm for vertical presentations. While this traditional method remains effective year-round, recent industry advancements have led to shakey heads capable of delivering captivating horizontal presentations. 

Scott Suggs, the first million-dollar tournament winner in bass fishing history, emphasizes the effectiveness of shakey heads, demonstrating his expertise in figuring out how to make bass bite when nothing else seems to work. “I’ve shakey headed my entire life, and I’ve always poured my own heads with a 90-degree hook,” Suggs explained. “It gives more action to your bait and results in better hookups.”

Built to the Arkansas native’s exacting specifications, the all-new Epic Baits Shakey Head features a cutting-edge, patent-pending design that opens up the throat more than traditional wide-gap hooks, providing more room for error and increasing the chance of a successful hookset. “It’s a design I developed to make it easier for the everyday fishermen to have quality tackle to fish with,” said Suggs.

The unique bent hook design allows for the use of a lighter wire without compromising strength. The shape also helps keep fish pinned farther down the bend of the hook, significantly improving landing ratios. “Pull this head straight out of the package, no adjustments needed, and it is ready to go the moment you tie it on.” Available at select retailers and online outlets, the Epic Baits Shakey Head includes 1/8-, 3/16- and ¼-ounce sizes in black or green pumpkin – MSRP $6.29 per 3-pack. 


“The green pumpkin color is my favorite because it pairs so well color-wise with most of the plastics we use the days—the green pumpkins, watermelons, etc. But with all the flake in the head it also goes well with red bug, and June bug.”

Epic Baits distinguishes itself through the exceptional team of anglers it has brought together, actively contributing to the development of new and innovative products. “They put a lot of time and effort in ensuring quality materials and the finest of hook designs are used,” said Suggs. “There is nothing more satisfying than knowing people are enjoying using and catching fish on a shakey head you helped design.”

On the bottom, it sways—a tempting quest. Pitch it near docks, laydowns, in grass beds; wiggle, then wait, and let Epic Bait’s vulnerable ruse do the rest.

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